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GGDB Outlet off-the-shoulder

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Whether youre lounging poolside or catching the surf, this summer you can get a natural, sun-kissed glow without the help of harmful UV rays. While a full face of makeup is a fashion faux-pas you dont want to be seen commiting when sprawled out on the sand, you also dont want to emerge from the sea red-faced and with salt-chapped lips.

After spending several years working at the corporate side of Levis and Lucky Brand and co-founding a now defunct men’s line, Oliver Rayn, Los Angeles-based designer Piper Gore has launched a namesake contemporary line of casual separates and dresses. The line, which made its official debut in Fall 2012, brims with covetable finds ranging from leather harem pants and white-stripe accented floral pants to GGDB Outlet off-the-shoulder loose tops and bright maxi dresses.

It seems that just about everybody is trying to search for the next big star, be GGDB Slide it the next top model, singer, or fashion designer, and this is reaffirmed with the ever proliferating number of talent shows which are transcending borders and internationalising. It appears that the most successful of these shows gain their success thanks to the element of audience engagement.  

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