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Glamorous Evening Dresses: Ball Gowns

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A ball gown is always something special. It is elegant, feminine and glamorous, reminiscent of the dresses of princesses depicted in fairy tales. It is basically floor-length and usually has a wide-cut, swinging skirt. A hoop skirt worn underneath the dress can further enhance this effect. Sometimes the back skirt is lengthened by a train. To avoid stepping on the skirt while dancing, most dresses have a loop that can be placed around the wrist. So the skirt is held up, so that the shoes do not get tangled in the hem.

It does not have to be the Vienna Opera Ball, but nevertheless a ball gown is worn only for very exclusive dance events. Unlike evening dresses in general, they are only worn when dancing is the focus. The first dress of this kind is often used in the balls of dance schools or at the graduation ball. Otherwise, wedding receptions are often a good opportunity to dress in a beautiful ball gown, especially as a maid of honor or close friend and relatives of the bride and groom. 

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