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Spoke to Soul Calibur’s producer Mathieu Cote about both the development

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Grisly as it may sound, what makes Soulcalibur interesting is how it tries to evoke fear in its Survivors through doubling down on uncertainty. The maps, for example, aren’t fixed environments, but a set of horror themes which the game procedurally generates for each match. It also has no voice-chat, because Behaviour don’t want players communicating with each other in a way that breaks the immersion of the game.

Who do we want in this one? I’m holding out for the man in a cauldron from Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. But only if his sledgehammer is super difficult to control.




If you’re new to the Soul Calibur 6 arena, just know that here you use giant, sharp implements to hurt your opponent, instead of a bunch of fives. And you can also win a round if you knock your opponent out of the “ring”. They’re also introducing something called “Reversal Edge”.

If you’re not familiar with it, Soul Calibur 6 is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where four teenage survivors attempt to evade the murderous clutches of a player-controlled serial killer. It has proved massively popular, selling over a million copies within two months of launch. With the game firmly established, I spoke to Soul Calibur 6’s producer Mathieu Cote about both the game’s development and their move towards including licensed horror characters.

Nonetheless, hopefully Soul Calibur games isn't hamstrung by season passes, an online only component, and barebones single-player content that we've seen in other fighting games this generation like Street Fighter.


At the commencement of a match, Soul Calibur players don’t even know who, or more precisely what, is hunting them, as there are multiple killers such as the Trapper, who can immobilise players with carefully placed bear-traps, or the Wraith, who can turn invisible and ambush unsuspecting survivors. All the killers are played in first-person as opposed to the survivors’ third-person perspective, and have important objects highlighted in their vision so they can get a handle on the procedurally generated maps at a glance.


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