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Cotton Dyeing Machine quotation

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Product features
1.It is suitable for rolling and inspecting fabric, such as woven fabric, knitted fabric, warp knitting, synthetic leather, low gram weight non-woven fabric, etc.
2.Tension is controlled by dual frequency converter, and it can be adjusted discretionarily (even be adjusted to tension free).
3.Adopt Taiwan hydraulic system and infrared ray photoelectric automatic edge alignment
4.Use the domestic most advanced  electronic measure length control instrument
5.The machine can assemble:
1> Electronic scale
2> ERP defect acquisition system and printing equipment
3> Metal locator
4> Automatic misalignment function
5> Automatic stop if there is no fabric
6> Coiling differential gear
7> Color code edge alignment
8> Computer connector
9> Automatic cut-off knife
Technical parameter
1. Suitable width: 1800mm~3600mm
2. Coiling diameter: ≤600mm
3. The speed of rolling and inspecting: 0~100m/min
4. Deviation rectifier type: hydraulic
5. Main motor power: 0.75/0.4~2.2/0.75(KW)
6. Total power: 3KW~4KW
7. Tension control: Dual frequency converterCotton Dyeing Machine quotation
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