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Will I be able to put my schedule for the day in Google Home?

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Hi there,


I am using a Google home from some time, but some confusion in Google home. Please tell me, Can i put my calendar on and set up reminders schedule for the day in my google home. Tell me about Google home setup.

Suggestion me !

asked Apr 23 in Mobile & SmartPhone by roselynlopez (200 points)

1 Answer

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this is in the google Home help site:  "

  • Reminders. Note: To hear reminders, they must already be set in the Google app  or Google Calendar. You can't set Reminders in the Google Home app or using your voice. "

so seems that you can hear the existing calendar entries but not enter anything new the Home.  I hope that is fixed soon.   However, it seems that you can add entries to Google Keep lists.   wonder why Keep and not the Calendar...?

                              Google Home Support | Google Home Setup | Google Home Help

answered Apr 24 by nataliasimmons (470 points)

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