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custom High speed disperser

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Electric Heating Reaction Kettle Introduction
The working principle of the steam heating reactor is to pass the reactor jacket into the boiler steam, the steam heat into the kettle, so that the reactor material heat absorption reaction. Steam heating reactor, with steam as heat source heat transfer.
Technical Parameters
Main technical parameters of outer coil heating reactor
Nominal volume (L)Actual volume (L)Diameter of main body (mm)Outer coil heat transfer area (m2)Inner coil heat transfer area (m2)Power of motor
Reactor Series
The reaction kettle is widely used for reaction, evaporation, concentration, synthesization, polymerization, mineralization, etc. in chemical industry, medicine, dye, pesticide, organic synthesis, petroleum, food additives, industry of national defense and scientific research. Our company is an enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing reaction kettles, we can design and manufacture various types of reaction kettles for users.
Our Advantage
1.Manufacturer with senior engineer who could give professional advises on filtration.
2.Design calculation, Material cert, Pressure test, QC report, Dimension report
3.No MOQ Requirement.
After-Sales Service
1)Our company can provide a sophisticated product after-sale service and can ensure the implementation, maintenance and commission of projects.
2)We can reach the project site after receiving the user's notification.
1.Q: What is your MOQ?
A: 1 piece/set.
2.Q: Can you give us the technical drawing and data?
A: We will give you the overall dimension drawing for your plan and project. But the detailed drawing and data will be sent you after we signed the contract and confidentiality agreement.custom High speed disperser
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