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Air sampling kit

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FSC-V 100Lmin Biological Air Sampler with Stainless Steel Casing
The FSC-V Biological Air Sampler is a high efficiency air sampler. It is designed, and operates according to the principle of multi jet holes particle impact and isokinetic sampling, which gives it very high accuracy.During sampling, the airborne particles pass through the tiny holes of the substrate utensil and impact on the agar surface. After incubation of the agar plate, colonies can be counted and identified.This instrument has a unique structure, is microprocessor controlled, and incorporates a low noise, stable vacuum source for sampling. The sampling head used is made of SS304 stainless steel, which is very easy to clean and disinfect.
Main characters:
1.Sampling Vessel has many small holes to reduce particles superposition and hence reduce errors.
2.Programmable: sample Volume can be set from 0.01 to 9.0 m3.
3.LCD screen displays sample volume, sampling time and other parameters.
4.Data Storage of 256 samples, with sampling time, sample volume and other parameters.
6.Electronic remoted Start/Stop sample, Unique in form and convenient to use..
7.Easy to change the Petri dish. Just take off the sample vessel hole to change the Petri dish.
8. Accommodates standard size Petri dishes (90mm × 15mm).
9. Supplied with FREE Carrying Case.
Parameter \ ModelFSC-V Biological Air Sampler
Flow rate100L/min
Wind Speed of sampling holes0.38m/s, basically the same as that of clean room (Isokinetic sampling)
Power supplyAC/DC, Rechargeable battery: DC14.8V, Operating time on battery: 6-8h
Case materialSUS304 Stainless Steel
Weight4.8KgAir sampling kit
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