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Sand Casting Services

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sand casting steel  

This is transmission gear box, we use the precoated sand casting process for casting, with horizontal machining center for cnc machining, after we assembled to complete the test, we delivered a unit, saving customers a lot of production time.
Project Details
Product Description Sand casting steel
Capabilities Applied/Processes Sand casting and CNC machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Casting equipment
horizontal machining center  
Material Used Steel
Industry for Use Industrial sweeping machine
Tightest Tolerances ±.012mm
Estimated Part Weight 5.85kg
Delivery Location United States  
Product Name gear box
Detail image
Sand casting mold: nested mold design, to reduce costs  

Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today. Sand Casting Services
asked Jul 8, 2018 in Others by yuanwu (100 points)

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