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Round tube mill machine price

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high frequency welded round tube mill/machine
high frequency welded round tube mill/machine is the professional machine used to produce Industrial tube, Equipment tube, and Auto car tube, etc. Through optimization design, best materials choice, and accurately fabrication and rolls, the whole line reaches high precision, high speed, high quality and stable producing. Within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness, pipe production speed can be adjusted.
round tube mill of technique flow chart
Uncoiling-> Material accumulating-> Leveling-> Forming-> High-frequency welding-> Deburring-> Cooling-> Sizing-> Straightening-> Flying saw cutting -> Discharging

round tube mill of technique data (TY114):
Coil thickness: 1.2-4.0mm
Producing pipe size: Ф40mm-Ф114mm
Line speed: 0-60m/min
Operation area: L73m X W6m
round tube mill of general technical specification(TY114):
Raw material requirements
Material: Hot rolling or cold rolling steel
Tensile strength: σb≤600Mpa
Yield point: σs≤315MPa
Coil width: 125~360mm
Coil outer diameter: Max. Φ1600mm
Coil inner diameter: Φ508mm
Coil weight: Max.2.5T
Material thickness: 1.2~4.0mm for Round pipes / ≤3.2mm for Square & rectangle pipes
round tube mill of Suzhou Tianyuan
Round tube mill machine price
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