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Low price LPG Forklift

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Human designed cabin:
Graceful&humanized pedal system and closed front blind flange protect the parts from being eroded
by rain water.
Superior Transmission:
The self-made high efficiency transmission is characterized by minimum vibration, rapid response
and long service life.
Durable mast system:
We choose high quality profiled bar to ensure superior strength&hardness. This effectively avoids
mast shape distortion which usually occurs after 3~4 years of usage.
Diamond-shape Design:
The diamond-shape design engine hood & counterweight design makes the appearance rather fashionable
. The forklift absorbs some elements of a leopard. It functions swiftly, accurately, dynamically&
New design wheelbase:
It enlarges the engine room for easier maintenance and repair. It effectively increases loading
balance and reduces like the risk of damaging related spare parts.
Optimum heat dissipation space:
Large space heat dissipation design keeps the temperature in an appropriate range during consistent
and fierce operation. Also, the heat dissipation space of the radiator is 40% larger than that of
some types of forklift.
Other characteristic:
Integrated frame, new power steering wheel, brand new hydraulic steering system, integrated
lighting system and etc..Low price LPG Forklift
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