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Triangular Telecommunication Angular Lattice Tower manufacturer

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Tower TypeSquare Telecommunication Angular Lattice Tower
Main MaterialsAngle Steels
Wind Speed100~240 KMPH
Wind PressureAs per the customer request
Steel MaterialQ235,Q345,Q420 / ASTM A36, A572
AppearanceHot-dipped Galvanization or Red/white Painting
ConnectionBolted connection
Design CodeANSI/TIA-222-G
Production StandardsGB/T 2694-2010
Lifetime50 years
Platform QuantityAs per the customer request
Antenna SupportAs per the customer request
Microwave DishAs per the customer request
Foundation DesignAs per the customer request
This tower has square angular elements designed systematically on a square base pattern. This tower for antenna is optimized to handle medium to heavy loads. A self support 4 legs angular tower is ideal for MW backbone sites, central communication hubs, and primary cellular sites. We can provide you with a complete set of service from technical design ,fabrication to shipmentTriangular Telecommunication Angular Lattice Tower manufacturer
asked Aug 9, 2018 in Others by jiarang (100 points)

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