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Daily Care of Easy-wearing Parts of Crusher

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<p>The ultrafine mill news that is mainly used in the stone manufacturing line includes sand maker (VSI crusher), impact and jaw type crusher (when the materials are not very hard), cone crusher (when the materials has high hardness or strong corrosivity), and sometimes fine jaw crusher and hammer crusher will also be used. In the crushing process of the crushing machines, it mainly relies on the easy-wearing parts to directly impact and hit the stone materials, so that the easy-wearing parts such as the hammer, jaw plate, hammer board are easily worn which has a significant influence on the economic benefits of the stone crushing plants and the sand and stone materials plants.</p>
<p>So how can the users choose the easy-wearing parts and extend their service life? As the famous easy-wearing parts manufacturer in our country, the experts of Henan Zenith Mining Machinery Co., Ltd offer the following advice:</p>
<p>1. Pay attention to the daily operative skills.</p>
<p>As is known to all, the main easy-wearing parts of impact crusher are rotor and hammer board, of sand maker are hammer board on the impeller, metal tool bit, lining board and rotor, of jaw crusher are jaw plate and side fender apron, of hammer crusher is hammer and of cone crusher is crushing wall. Grasping the correct daily working skills will be able to effectively reduce the friction and extend the service life of the crushing machines.</p>
<p>Regarding this, the crushing machinery manufacturing companies should shoulder their responsibility and offer comprehensive operational training to the customers and inform them the skills of extending the service life of the crushing equipment and its easy-wearing parts, which you are able to experience through the considerable after-sales service of Zenith Machinery.</p>
<p>2. Different crushers should be equipped with the correct and the most proper hammer.</p>
<p>The basic principle of choosing the hammer is: small hammer uses high chromium compound cast iron, big hammer uses high manganese steel and the materials with corrosivity is not suitable using forge hammer. The service life of hammer in different cement plants and stone crushing factories are also different.</p>
<p>The wear and tear of the easy-wearing parts varies with the different physical and chemical property of the materials. For example, when crushing quartzite, if the impact crusher is used, then the hammer board will easily break, then at this time, the cone crusher should be chosen.</p>
<p>3. Choose the manufacturing company with the most powerful casting ability.</p>
<p>As for the same specification of forge easy-wearing parts using in the same cement plant or stone breaking factory, the service life may be different which is because the quality is different. The perfect degree of the casting technology, chemical configuration and the relative hard equipment of every manufacturer are different, so the quality of the products will be very different. When choosing the easy-wearing parts manufacturing company, one is to inspect the plant including the plant management, technician&rsquo;s number and technological level of the mining equipment and on the other hand is to inspect the feedback of the customers that use their products.</p>

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