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Mattress Fire Retardant Socks manufacturers

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Item description: Flame retardant elastic knitted fabric/Fire Retardant Socks
Composition & Content: 32% Modacrylic, 8% cotton, 60% glass fibre (modacrylic/cotton yarn with glass fiber, those kinds of fabrices have a lot of glass fiber on the surface, it can cause skin sensibility to the mattress workers)
Knitting: Weft knitting
Colour: Raw white
Weight:200g~230g(Can be customized)
Fabricwidth:90cm*two-layer(Can be customized)
Performance and advantages: A) the ability of spreading the fire burning
B) elastic scaling
C) by the CFR - 1633 fire test
Product packaging: waterproof plastic bag
Product use: apply to car inner decoration, fire protection, floor MATS, plush toys, sponge mattress, sofa seat decoration and indoor air as all the required fire use products
Development of flame retardant elastic knitting cloth, the company has passed various international fire test SGS, BS, UL, TUV, products have been in 16 CFR part1633, BS5852;Products conform to or higher than the standard at the same time is greatly reduced the cost, can make domestic household products in Europe and the United States with greater competitiveness in the international market.
Product synopsis:
Stretch as a flame retardant cloth parcel lining mattresses, sofas, chairs, plush toys, finished products are capable of spreading the fire burning. Elastic flame retardant fabric is non-toxic harmless and environmentally friendly products, do not need through the post-processing, is not afraid of washing, can keep fire performance.
Flame retardant sponge bed set of knitted fabric:
By the flame retardant chemical fiber coated woven glass fiber, finished product has elastic contraction function, within a certain range can be arbitrary coating, wide adaptability of sponge mattress and other products.Biggest advantage can prevent the spread of the flame burning, do not produce drop, to protect the personal safety, the mattress or mattress suit after using this product can through the CFR - 1633 fire test.
Product features:
Pure white, soft handle, flexibility is very high, wet absorption gas well.
Using natural flame retardant fiber, and no drop phenomenon, have permanent self-extinguishing effect.
Burns form dense carbide layer, low content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, produces only a small amount of non-toxic flue gas.
Product use:
Widely used for children's toys and home textiles with mattress, sofa, chair, automobiles, ships, aircraft and other transportation and public places decorative fabric etc.
1) Pricing of modacrylic cotton blended yarn: All the price are factory price.,depending on the size and material to be used;
2) MOQ of modacrylic cotton blended yarn :2 ton, but the more quantity the cheaper;
3) The pictures shown are for reference only, we can fully customize according to the customer's requirement;Mattress Fire Retardant Socks manufacturers
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