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orgettable. On the water sid

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The Buddha��s palm prints and pokes his heart. A little cinnabar falls, and all of them fall to zero. The flowers fell in the autumn, and the people were in the old Lanting. The moon is not a star, the tears are like rain and the wind floats through the window, and the burnout reads the spring wrinkles, and the rain smokes into the brow. The warm light willows, the water clear fish roam, the clouds are long, and the heart sings with the birds, forgetting a few times Carton Of Cigarettes. If love has a sense of God, how should I rewind my reincarnation? The wind raised the dust Newport 100S, the flute sang and reluctantly, and the dream was filled with a pear blossom and rain. Qin Shiming's old days, the heavens and the world, the amount of money, how much can not be forgotten, how much can not be put, spring and autumn a few degrees of love. You can't leave without saying that the voice has not fallen, and the shadow has gone far. I said no to hope, whimpered into the throat, is the next intersection of love left or right? I have been staying in the same place all the time. Sadness is only sometimes, but the pain is not willing to go. I wrote a story of the peach blossoms in the spring breeze, and the clouds that floated away took away the gentleness of the fragrance. If there is wind, let a fragrance accompany the rain to become the embodiment of the cloud. Do not drink alcohol, only the delicate peach blossoms three or two branches, do not paint green leaves, only the pink petals frowned, the white in the core, is the moonlight through the time and space of the time when you can cross, into your heart, the original place Without her. It hurts for so long, it is a joke. What I said after drunkenness is fake. Perhaps the most brave when you are dizzy, you can grab whatever you want. I am sorry for a moment of waking, too afraid that the other party is serious, you are too stupid! I never thought about it, you will give up my prosperity for me. Life is like a dream, what is the autumn wind and sadness to draw a fan, the moonlight is as thin as a tea. You and me are just water mirrors, and you have nothing to say. A cool night, don't want to make a reservation for the white hair of the moonlight, smear a painting with the night. Hug Zhixiang is old, and the years are a few autumns. No words at the end of the year, the red tears. In the night without the moon, the stars are very lonely. The heart is like a gold foil, not a glaze. Put the spring into the palm of your hand, sprinkle it into the hair, will the sound of flowers bloom around the ear forever? There is no answer, maybe it��s different, and the time has passed forever. On the shore of Yunshui, the end of the world, the days are like this around the fingertips, with the ink falling into the eyes of the clouds. I am as silent as a grass, I do not know if the rain will not wake up the green color of the tender, or hurt my lonely sea breeze has been attached to the sand, like a butterfly loves flowers. You are the cape, I am the end of the world, how can I let my thoughts arrive in an instant? Don't make an appointment for the moonlight, your tears, I am most afraid. The rain has been going down, the wind is blowing, you say accompany me, don't be afraid! But the darkness still swallows the thin soul, and I curl up. Maybe it is a punishment, but I can't help myself. The sun sets, the fishing boat sings late, there is no place here. You said that the next generation is together, I laughed, and the lie can be said so seriously. How long will it take in my next life, give me a deadline! The pendulum is a bit, just a moment, in the heart of crusade, groaning, where to deliver, without the address of concern, is a cruel scar. The gate of memory, there is no lock, I want to ask, you still love me, do not want to live up to the full moon, so I want to accompany you to the end of the world, just be with you. If you scream in the sky, you must hide the heavens and the earth in your chest, and be a enchanting one. Your heartbeat is my most fascinating burning. Waiting for my long hair and waist, I am afraid that the moment I and I have become the old wreckage, I dare not think about it, and I have become an unreachable tunes. Peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze, but people are different. Whoever enters the scene, who draws the screen, in which dream you laughed into a fairy of red clouds. Feng Fu Liu Yan Yun Xia Man, a few peach blossoms. Love is like a fragrant palm, and the alum is only locked in the sweetness. You are a tear in my eyes. I am holding back the sadness. I am afraid that one heartbreaks, you will float into a snowflake. If you frown, you will break into dust. Gray. If you say who hurts me, you will be desperately guarding, but what is my pain in your eyes? Unspeakable dodge Cheap Cigarettes, do you know that the knife is cut in the heart! Love is blossoming without fruit, peach blossoms, which one opens and closes for me? The heart burned into the fire in the incense, and the wind blew and fell silently. The fate is so mean, let me ask for Buddha, you and I still park each. Take a picture of the coolness of the palm of your hand, love, cloudless Wushan can not go! The grass grows and flies in March, and the returning Yan, did not return your news, waiting for year after year, the picture of love gradually blurred, I imagined myself as a water lily, no longer hope. The empty room, the moment of heartache, really felt very pitiful. Thousands of glory, and I am just a short-lived glamorous, who can read the most tempting gentleness in the lonely spring of Lingfeng alone, raining around half acre of flower fields in the heart, planting hope, planting inspiration. Listening to the call of spring, my thoughts are scattered in the stunning sky of the city. If I ask for Buddha, I will make a wish for you, and I will only ask for your good fortune in the world. If love has reincarnation, I am afraid to meet again, you and I have forgotten the love of the sea, the flower is the butterfly love Marlboro Lights. Inexhaustible thoughts, just like the spring breeze in March awakens the glamorous eyes of peach blossoms. The love words are rooted in the roots, and the scent of smoke that melts into the fragrance is unforgettable. On the water side, each practiced into the palm of the hand. The legacy, annihilated in the red dust, silent Marlboro Gold. I don't know if I am still your pride. Does your heartbeat still burn for me? It is the greatest glory for you in my life.
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