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avoid", I will think of Chengde's summer resort. Because the sun is sinister and hot, it is hard to bear. In ancient times, there was no air conditioning. Therefore, the royal family would choose to go to Chengde to escape the heat in such a season. Therefore, Chengde Mountain Resort became the royal summer house. I have the honor to go to Chengde and also take the summer heat. The front of the villa passed, but unfortunately, there is no time to go in and see. That night to Chengde, the train was already half past seven. When I took the taxi, I saw only the door of the hustle and bustle. It was a scene of luxury and style. The middle of the plaque was written with four characters: the summer resort The pillars Marlboro Gold, the blue-gray tiles, and the dim light, have a unique charm, and the contours of the landscape lights are exquisite and coveted. Chengde is a city in the mountains, surrounded by mountains and several rivers passing by. The driver said that the temperature in the villa is about 10 degrees lower than the outside. Therefore, living in it must be very comfortable, it is worthy of the royal palace. There is another human landscape in the place not far from the summer resort--Kangxi Dadian, which is said to be the masterpiece of Zhang Yimou, the antique court built on the mountain, the five-star high-end clubhouse, and the Daguan of the Beijing suburbs are all consumed there. . And this building also gives the rich people who swim to "avoid" while adding a lot of "le". It is a pity that I can only go through the "volt", and my more memories will be involved four years ago. At that time, I was still a college student. A city, warm and besieged, carries me too much memory, I have always regarded it as the second hometown, this is Xuzhou. The historic city of Xuzhou was the place where Xiangchu Dingxiang of the West Chu King was born. Liu Bang was born here to say that this city has its origins with "Volt", which must be said from the "Fuyang Festival" in Xuzhou. Many people may know that Xuzhou's dog meat is very famous. Pei County dog ??meat is famous all over the world. Just because of a butcher, the name is Fan Wei. Later, he followed Liu Bangyu��s world and was one of the heroes of the great Han Dynasty. However, Xuzhou people have been eating mutton for a long time. This custom can be traced back to the shackles, far more distant than Xuzhou people eating dog meat. Xuzhou, the ancient name of Pengcheng, has the saying that "Pengcheng Fuyang a bowl of soup, no need to open a prescription for medicine." Xuzhou people love to eat lamb, the most profound thing is the local folk song: June 6 pick up girl, new wheat cake mutton soup. Therefore, Xuzhou people are keen to eat lamb, which is more historical and more connotative than eating dog meat. Now Xuzhou starts every June 6th, and will hold the Fuyang Festival, the streets and alleys of Pengcheng. There will be many slogans on the Fuyang Festival. Those restaurants will also launch a series of discount promotions, such as eating lamb, delivering beer, and cooking a pot of lamb. I saw the banners at the door of the restaurant. The banner of Xuzhou is about a low-key city in Fuzhou. Unlike the bustling Beijing and Shanghai, there is no Suzhou or Suzhou. Everyone knows Xuzhou, because it is traffic. Essentials, railway hubs, strategic locations, Chuhan capital, etc., few people really study its introverted character. The Xuzhou I know, like this "Vo" word, hides and reveals, is a city that keeps the light. The history of Xuzhou City is probably far ahead of all cities in China. However, the low-key of Xuzhou is also well known. Its economy is not as good as that of the north, and the scenery is difficult to climb Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. What makes it introverted, and what makes it stagnate? It is war. Xuzhou is introverted and low-key. Xuzhou is a low-key, but it does not mean that Xuzhou is weak and incompetent. Although Xuzhou City is not prosperous, it can stand out from the crowd. Although Xuzhou City is not beautiful, it is also the leader of China. Every time Xuzhou City reaches its heyday, it will encounter a war, then it will become a ruin, slowly climb up, and then be knocked down. It has gone through three ups and downs. Who can say that Deng Xiaoping is not great? The same is true of Xuzhou City. This is a teacher analyzed when I was in college. I think it makes a lot of sense. It is said that after the founding of the People's Republic, Chiang Kai-shek retired to Taiwan and sent bombers to bomb Xuzhou. Xuzhou, a disaster-prone Xuzhou, Xuzhou, which has experienced three historical changes, is the key to the quality of its "volts". It is the first heat, the first time, in my case, no matter the sun. The most important thing is to fall on a "volt" word. I said that I am lazy in the summer and like to hide at home. I know that others will think that I am idle and lazy. However, I think it is this season that can really enhance a person's taste and truly cultivate a person's connotation. Because it is hot, it is lazy, so there is a lot of time. I can't do things on weekdays mokingusacigarettes.com. Now I have time to slowly finish the words that I like to "slow the light and keep the shackles." During this time, I will stay at home quietly, "floating", reading, writing, and thinking about the future. Do something you like and do something that makes sense to you. Working on weekdays is too busy, going south and north, busy with other people's things, in order to satisfy the food and clothing, in order to support the family Online Cigarettes. And in the summer, I have more time and experience for myself. Therefore, the heat has brought me many benefits. Song Jiang said, "It��s just like a tiger lying in a desert hill, and the latent claws endure." I know that the hardship of his "Voice" is to make a day of flying and screaming, so I also use his "Nian Nujiao �� Tiannan Dibei" to encourage Yourself. I believe that I will have the beginning of the day, and I will go down to better stand up. Because it is the true meaning of life. So, I like this solar terms.
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