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How to Activate Magicjack live chat

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Why should I stay in touch with Magicjack Customer Service? 

The advanced technology has eased the human life. But many occasions come when people find themselves in a big dilemma. When it comes to people using Magicjack, the users frequently raise their concerns. Before we at Magicjack live chat discuss the concerns and how to help out the users, let’s know about Magicjack.

About Magicjack

Magicjack is a VoIP provider that lets you make and receive the phone call on your existing phone by using your internet connection. In simple terms, it does exactly the same job that your existing phone does but it uses your internet instead of the phone line. But now it is beyond it. It allows the users to make a phone call on the road. Now the point is how it works.

How does Magicjack work?

There are two jacks on one side of the device. One is for internet and other is for the phone. Plug Ethernet cord into the jack and phone wire into another jack of the device to make a phone call. Finally, Plug Magicjack into the power adaptor to get started.

What is error 23 with Magicjack?

Error 23 simply indicates that low and interrupted internet speed. When you pick the phone call, you see error 23 on the screen instead of getting dialer tone. To fix this issue, we at Magicjackcares.com provide you troubleshooting tips below.

If your device is plugged into your PC,

  • Unplug the Magicjack to your PC.

  • Restart the PC

  • Plug-back in your magic jack In case your Magicjack is plugged into the router

  • Remove the ethane cable to your Magicjack and router

  • Unplug the router to your power outlet

  • After two minutes, plug back in your router and Magicjack

  • Check if the error is resolved or not

To strengthen you on the technical front, Magicjackcares com is already out there. There are possibilities that users face problems while connecting and using Magicjack. Therefore, we insist the users keep in touch with our support. Besides sharing the issue over the phone call, the users can do Magicjack customer care live chat. 


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