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a horse and became like

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I am very happy to meet you, dear new classmate! Let me introduce myself: Name: Ye Lingyun. Nationality: Han. Level: Ha, to be determined? I have a hobby, this hobby is also one of my specialties, that is chess! It is an ancient game that requires superb craftsmanship. When it comes to chess, you see, my face is full of pride. When I played chess, it was a very good sixth grade. On the day of June 1st, the Seventh Horde launched a game project and took various moves. As soon as I received the news, I immediately went over (there are too many people in the classroom, I can't run away!) My eyes are fast and I quickly occupy a seat. Started the game. I first gave the opponent a few moves, he was still addicted, and grabbed me a game. I naturally ignored him and leisurely continued to act according to the plan. He did not find it. He even stared at one of my chess. Haha, I jumped the horse and took him to the army. He had no way to go, my car. Just waiting for the horizontal row where he will run away Wholesale Cigarettes. He unconditionally admit defeat. Then I started again. I am going to let the other party have a set, and then go down and earn more prizes. Actually, like the plan, he really got fooled and won easily. I think he should know that there is no free lunch in the world. I dug a pit and waited for him to jump in. I put a car in front of his car. He did not hesitate to eat. He also said that you would not go down. I just smiled and used another car to force him. He lost again. I just want to lead his car to implement the final step. I didn't expect him to even think about it, he jumped in. I won two consecutive victories. My lord is a slap in the face. Hey, three more people. It turned out that they wanted PK me alone, and I dismissed this seemingly unsuccessful challenge. I calmly played chess, didn't let them taste a little sweet, until the last minute. The hearts of the audience are tight, and who is the deer! Walking to the enemy, they want to eat my horse mokingusacigarettes.com, I thought: make this low-level mistake. I ignored the car and went to the right. I looked at their elephants. They thought I didn't see them and happily ate my horse Online Cigarettes. I think: This is too unpromising. I ate a horse and became like this. I saw it dead and I thought about it. Ugh! I said: "The car is seven to nine!" I won again! The other party is also willing to go down the wind, self-satisfied as a new classmate, do you know me? I am happy to be friends with you. By the way, if you are good at chess, you will come to me to compete.
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asked Oct 5, 2019 in Arts & Humanities by ylq (100 points)

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