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e grass was like a layer

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idge to take out the mobile phone, the full screen is her reply: please help others to take a photo of you Newport Cigarettes, not allowed to drink cold drinks and so on. When I returned to the service area to rest, I called her to report my situation and location. She repeated it again and again: "Remember not to lose anything, don't lose the main mobile phone, don't know, don't forget it, you can't lose it." I remember going to the school half an hour before I called, I must remember!" I can only stop "Well, um, um." Guaranteed, the result is just finished hanging up, mobile QQ, WeChat immediately sent a message prompt Still the same sentence "Chen to the school half an hour ago, remember to call!" Hey! How unsure she should be! There is always a trivial life in her place, but she is also charming in the distance. It��s almost time to call her half an hour earlier, she is already on her way to school. Back home, eating a steaming nightingale, into the bedroom, I was not in the middle of the day, the quilt had been changed to a thicker, lying on the bed, looking at the moonlight through the window, softly shine on the bedside table, on the cabinet, She gave me good milk and fruit and was coated with a layer of silver powder on the moonlight. The night wind accidentally passed over, the fine fluff on the sheet, gently bent over, and twirled my inner soft string. I smelled the daily clothes that had just been washed on the balcony. It seemed to be weak and fragrant, and it was wrapped around me and wrapped me up. She opened the door and headed in and called me: "Drink all the hot water in the cup Marlboro Cigarettes." Then he closed the door gently. The gentleness of life surrounded me. Under the charming moonlight, I fell asleep in the "Cangxi Sha". The most famous sentence was "Contemplation of the past and the ruin of the past. At that time, it was only ordinary." I don��t know the poet��s thoughts, but the most touching one is the previous sentence. The fascinating past is poetic and distant, but the most fascinating thing is the triviality and daily life. One flower and one wood is resistant to temperature. [Chapter 7] In the swaying carriage, the morning sun squeezed in through the gap between the windows, and settled in the "Shan Hai Jing" in my hand Cigarettes Online. The car was filled with my classmates, we just broke away from the shackles of learning, thinking about the place where people can relax. We went to the autumn tour. Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, we are fortunate to visit today. I thought that I would like to see the scenery in this destination lake. I thought it was a park full of modern architecture. The variety of rides is radiant and bright. The twisting and rolling roller coaster came up with a burst of screaming. The towering jumper was filled with a cry of remorse. Scared a group of people discouraged. When the "Braves" waited until their feet touched the ground again, the previous fears had vanished. Instead, the stimuli and pleasures brought by the speed and weightlessness were comforted. It seems that they still lived in that carelessness. Between, charming. Ginkgo Lake Park, as its name suggests, the park's playground is a fleshy torso, then Ginkgo Lake is probably its soul. We came to the lake, it was exhausted, and the tired body and mind saw the sparkling lake and the vast soft grass when we needed to rest. Why didn��t the life-threatening people see the birth? hope. With all our strength, we ran together. When the sole of the foot stepped into the soft, gauzy grass, the whole figure was deflated, and silently squatted on the ground. The sky gradually faded, and the color of the afterglow became more and more yellow. It was sprinkled on the grass in pieces. The grass was like a layer of faint gold foil. The score was unclear whether it was green or yellow. We lay down, or half-sitting, the sun caressed the cheeks, and a warm stream flowed down the base of the ear to the soles of the feet, filling the whole body. The air in the air blew through the wind, and the green layer on the ground was blown up. The partners are lying idly, sitting, we talk about the world, and talk about their ideals and future.
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