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December 17, 2019

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December 17, 2019 is a very happy day for us, because our class leader rope team won the first place in the long rope competition! Why is it the best in the school? This has to start from two months ago. Two months ago, Mr. Zhu told us that there will be a long rope competition for the 4th Cheap Cigarettes, 5th and 6th grades shortly. Eight male students and eight female students will be selected in the class. The students were both anticipated and frightened because we never skipped the long rope from the first grade to the fourth grade. Everyone is still very familiar with long rope jumping. In the morning, Mr. Zhu, the Sunshine Movement, let us divide into two teams of men and women to jump the long rope. She chose the students who had done well to form the team. We jumped carefully into the rope, and each one was very nervous. At this time, Teacher Zhu's eyes turned to me and said, "Hong Duola, go to the long rope team!" That's it, I was selected! I was very surprised. Can I do it? What should I do if I can't jump? What if the game lags behind ... A series of questions came to my mind, and my heart was pounding. But then I thought: If I jumped hard and the game won, wouldn't it be an honor? I made up my mind to jump well and fight for glory for the class! Immediately afterwards, several classmates were selected, and we jumped back and forth in the long rope every time the sun moved. Although it was winter, it still made us blush and sweat. In order to learn to adjust in the air, we practiced numb feet and backache. Although training is exhausting, everything is worth it. We learned to jump continuously, which makes us jump faster. Teacher Zhu's demands on us are getting higher and higher. Our sunshine movement is often accompanied by the sound of the rope beating on the ground and the rhythm of the students shaking the rope. The game finally arrived. We came to the playground and felt very nervous mokingusacigarettes.com. I felt my legs were soft and my hands were shaking. However, we still seize the last moment to practice. Finally, the whistle of the game blew, and we immediately jumped up with lightning speed. The atmosphere was even more tense. When the teacher counted down and said, "Ten, nine, eight, seven ...", we were extremely nervous. Someone was tripped by accident. Fortunately, it was connected again. Finally, I heard that the referee reported that our score was 303. Everyone was ecstatic Marlboro Red, dancing one by one! Because this is a number we have never reached is really three minutes on stage and two months off stage! I understand that unity is strength! As long as you pay, there will be good returns
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