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a parent again. Pare

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Whenever I see parents buying this and that with money, instead of buying toys for me, I keep nagging and get bored. Mom and Dad said that nothing could change me, so they asked me what I wanted to do? I rolled my eyes and said, "I want to be a parent for a day and plan the daily money for our family!" "What? Be a parent for a day? Well, agree, wait for your summer vacation to be implemented." I nodded with a smile. . It was finally the holiday. At six o'clock in the morning on a Saturday, I got up early to prepare to wake up my parents and tell them to feel the difficulty of being a child. I shouted, "I got up and washed my face." My father slept deeply, and I shook him hard. Mom and Dad couldn't help but brush their teeth obediently. Mom and Dad gave me the daily money at home, and gave me the stick that taught me. I did n��t have to write homework, and I could use the money to buy toys. Hahaha ... I finally ��turned over the serfs and sang�� today. When it was time to buy early, I called my mother to buy early. Before, parents always ordered me to buy. I became a parent Cheap Cigarettes, and I definitely want my mother to buy. After eating early, I shouted: "Mom, Go homework soon. "Seeing my mother helplessly doing homework, it was almost noon, and my mother said to me:" Parent, cook for us, we are all hungry. "But I am not very good at cooking Carton Of Cigarettes, what should I do? You have to dry your scalp, so let's make a few simple dishes. I mix a plate of tofu and a plate of cucumber, and then go out and buy some steamed buns. Gu, of course, bought some fruit, and when I got home, when I saw my dad watching TV, I shouted: "Little baby, what TV to watch, hurry to read a book." Next I went to watch TV, I watched Why didn't Mom and Dad move, and went to their room to check, "Play, play, and dare to play mobile phones secretly." I trained them, and confiscated my father's mobile phone and my mother's mobile phone. I really couldn't make any food, so I called the takeaway, but I saw that the money in my wallet was not enough to pay, and I stood dumbfounded. I confessed to my mother: "It is not fun to be a parent at all. I will never be a parent again. Parents are really difficult to do. You should be your parents." One day's parents, but I deeply felt that some things are not as simple as imagined, really "I don't know what to do, I don't know if the rice, oil and salt are expensive. I can't help but feel sad: It's better to be a child Marlboro Red, don't consider cooking and washing clothes, don't worry about today's Money is not enough to spend, let alone worry about the pressure of life.
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