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wever, the mouse sudde

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Mouse, it always wanted to be famous, but it didn't succeed. People always talk about rats in the street, and everyone shouts. The mouse expressed distress, so he thought of the most famous tiger king in the forest. It remembers the tiger's great majesty throughout the day, and all the animals respected and awed it very much Newport Cigarettes Coupons. What makes it more difficult to understand is that the tiger and it have one thing in common: they all have an old word in their names. But the tiger is the king of the forest, but it is hated by other animals. He still thought about it, and finally, he decided to ask the tiger for advice. The mouse climbed the hillside, crossed the creek, and spent a lot of effort to find the tiger's house Marlboro Red. The tiger's family lives deep in the mountains, and the mouse can't figure out why she lives in such a remote place. It knocked on the door with great fear, and no one ignored it. When the mouse was about to go back, he turned back and found that the tiger was behind him. The mouse was so scared that it shrunk into a ball. The tiger saw a nasty mouse standing in front of his door, very coldly said: "Are you going to come to my house for anything?" The mouse can't wait to ask: "King, I came over the mountains and rivers, just want to be humble I asked you a few questions. "Tiger said impatiently:" You just have a short story, I'm very busy every day, I don't have time to chat with you! "The mouse asked very quietly:" Tiger King, you are What methods are used to make animals very scared as soon as they see you? "The mouse said very proudly:" That's because I worked hard since I was a child, and I learned a lot of skills. Even your natural enemies want to spend? I Learn from it. "The mouse is very strange:" Why? After learning so many skills, you can be so majestic, and all animals like you very much. "The tiger patted his chest very proudly and said mokingusacigarettes.com," Look at me to learn When you get to your ability, protect the crops and protect all kinds of small animals. But you only know how to steal other people ��s food everywhere every day. You only know how to steal the fruits of other people ��s labor. How can others not hate you! "The mouse suddenly realized After that, it nodded thoughtfully and said, "Thank you, Tiger King, I finally understand!" We thought that the mice would be converted to evil after asking for tips. However, the mouse suddenly became hungry after returning home. It wants to find some food to eat, but it has no ability, it can only steal. It hasn't been able to change his bad habit, wherever it went, it was very dirty. People hate it, and its reputation is getting worse and worse. The mouse is finally famous, but its name is not good at all.
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asked May 19 in Arts & Humanities by ylq (100 points)

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