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Why is Lead Battery Recycling Toronto important?

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In the Lead Battery Recycling in Toronto, it is important that we are aware of the entire process of recycling in detail. This helps us to not only understand the process but also make sure that each part of the lead acid battery has been recycled in a manner which is safe for the environment and ecology in general.


The process of recycling


In the process of Lead Battery Recycling Toronto, the batteries are broken done in such a way that there is nothing solid remains. In this process, the batteries are crushed to pieces by hammering them with intense force. The lead and other heavy metals present in the batteries tend t o get down at bottom when the mixture is placed on the vat. The plastic however floats and taken away. The liquid is sucked and the heavy materials in the bottom are then segregated separately.




There are many small and medium sized Polypropylene pieces present in the lead battery. These are first washed and then they are dried using blow air of the industrial type. These portions are then sent to a plastic recycler so that they can be melted and put through an extruder. The extruder is a very important part of the Lead Battery Recycling Toronto as this exudes small pellet of uniform size and shape. These pellets are later sold off the battery manufacturer again to be used in fresh batteries.




Smelting furnaces are used to heat and fuse lead based components such as lead oxide, lead grids and other such parts in order to clean them and remove the impurities in the Lead Battery Recycling Toronto. These then tend to float on the top and removed. This is done by making the molten form of the lead be cast in lead ingots. The impurities being lighter are scrapped away and then the ingots are cooled. After this, these leads blocks are sent to manufacturers so that new batteries can be made out of them.


Sulfuric Acid


The Sulfuric acid in the batteries can be either neutralized or converted into water or it can also be processed and made into sodium sulfate. While the water can be treated to be used in various ways, the latter can be used to make glass or even in textile manufacturing.


The process of Lead Battery Recycling Toronto is done to ensure that the batteries do not go without any treatment. The release of such batteries in to the environment is considered to be a very hazardous way of getting rid of the batteries. In case of exposure to heat or monsoon the components of the batteries will escape confinement and then cause disaster.

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