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Some of the most complicated and tough belongings to move safely from an old residence to a new residence are certainly plants. Plants must be packed properly in specific way in relation to move them safely. The packing of plants takes weeks of prior planning to successfully achieve.


People wishing to undertake the task of moving their own plants on their home shifting should follow proper packing tricks & techniques, which can assist ensure that their plants reach at their new homes free from damage.


One of the most significant things to consider prior to move is whether it is completely important to take the entire plant. If it is not, people are suggested to take clippings of their plants and store them in vials until they can replant them at their new residences.


People who want tot take the whole plant, though, should begin planning at least two or three weeks ahead of their home shift. The first step is repotting the plant so that it is not in a delicate or fragile clay or ceramic pot. Relatively, people also should use plastic pots, as they are more sturdy and durable.


People should wrap tall plant in plastic or place a plastic trash bag over it. Make sure to poke holes in the plastic so that the plant can breathe properly. This step should be taken as close to shifting time as possible.


The next step is putting the potted plant in a box. People should place the pot into the sturdy box using bubble wrap so that the plant will not shift during the transit.


After reaching at the new residence, people should instantly unpack their plants and allow them to get sunlight. It is very important to their survival. It is also important to wait at least two weeks until putting the plants back into their original pots.


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