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How to Pack Big Appliances Like Professionals

You have to move somewhere and you don't know the product packaging tip? Don't fear. This article may be like angel to you. The article is devoted to help people know the professional guidelines of product packaging big equipment of digital products. The equipment like refrigerator, coolers, ACs, stoves, clothing dryer, units are such products that need unique interest while product packaging. Here are the guidelines to package some of these digital useful items:


First of all, eliminate all dishes and record down the racks and silverware basket. You can go through the review of the owner's manual for removing and draining the standard water hook-up. Then, look and record the entrance shut. Tape the home and cable to the dishwasher. At last tie a huge foam pad around it for protection.


To package the clothing dryer one should eliminate the exhaust hose from the wall of the clothing dryer and detach from clothing dryer. Tape the electric cable and entrance to the clothing dryer body and tie a huge pad around it for protection.


Packing refrigerator needs some alert and effort, Vacant out all the material and defrost one day before moving day. Vacant the drainage pan, disconnect electric cable and drain out your automatic icemaker. You should also fresh all drawers, walls, and racks. Wrap racks and record them together and record down all other loose places, including the drawers on the within and the doors on the outside. Tape the electric cable to the refrigerator. Tie a huge pad around it for protection. Better position the refrigerator I a cartoon before moving.


Clean the oven and top portion of the oven and position the racks on the bottom rung and record them. Tape the burners and the pans under each burner to prevent disorder. Lock the entrance of the oven and record the electric wire with the body of the oven. Tie with huge protective pad around it.

Washing Device

Draw off standard water from the washer. Tilt the washer to empty out remaining standard water from hose. Then pat the interior dry with a towel. Detach all accessories and fittings and keep them in a individual plastic bag. Place towels or foam between the washer sides and the tub for saving it from the beginning. Fill the basket with outfits, linens or like content. Tape the protect and cable with the device. Now cover whole aspect with protected foamy pad.


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